Arada Stoves Guarantee


The Arada badge is, quite literally, your ‘built-to-last’ guarantee. There’s no registration required (because you’re buying a stove, not a superyacht). Every stove comes with an industry-leading stove body guarantee. Seven years if you choose a boiler stove. Or a lifetime guarantee on all our other stoves. As long as your stove has been purchased from one of our authorised dealers and installed following regulations governing the fitting of wood burning and solid fuel appliances in the country of installation, our guarantee comes as standard.

Seven year guarantee

Our boiler stoves come with a complimentary seven year guarantee as standard.

You are no longer required to register your Arada boiler stove to be eligible for the free seven year limited guarantee.

Lifetime guarantee

We are proud to back our craftsmanship with a lifetime guarantee as standard for our stove bodies. This ensures you have long-lasting enjoyment with your Arada stove and added peace of mind for years to come.

  • When you buy an Arada stove, you are not only buying a first class appliance, you are receiving a commitment from us to look after you and your appliance.


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