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Are Wood Burners Bad for the Environment?

You may be aware of some negative press regarding wood burners over the past month or so, and you may be feeling conflicted as to whether to choose one for your home or not.  We wanted to take some time to explain the work that we’ve been doing at Arada Stoves to reassure you that not all wood burners are bad!

By choosing Arada, you’re choosing a stove that’s better for the environment. We’re committed to continuous improvement and have been exceeding the efficiency and emission requirements set out under Ecodesign Legislation for some time.

I have an open fireplace, what should I do?

When burning logs on an open fire, you have no way of controlling the flame height, often burning through multiple logs at a high speed to keep the fire going. This is extremely harmful for the environment, and when combined with older stoves, accounts for 51% of the UK’s annual wood fuel consumption. We therefore suggest installing a wood burning stove which is Ecodesign Ready  - meeting the requirements set out by the government to help lower emissions, which comes into force in 2022. 

You can go one step further to ensure you’re choosing a stove which is even less damaging to the environment, by selecting a clearSkies approved stove – an independent certification that confirms the stove meets or even exceeds Ecodesign regulations. Arada stoves are some of the very few appliances to meet this standard when burning both wood and solid fuel.

My wood burner is old, what should I do?

Wood burning stoves have received bad press, as many wood burners within homes are over 10 years old and do not have the new innovative technology installed to help lower emissions. By replacing older models with new Ecodesign Ready stoves, emissions would be reduced by nearly 45%. We therefore strongly advise replacing any old wood burners with new stoves, which are Ecodesign Ready and clearSkies approved, to help lower emissions and improve air quality

It is important to know that a modern wood burner, fuelled with dry wood, offers a low carbon, low emission, renewable and sustainable heating solution. Ecodesign Ready stoves produce 90% less emissions than open fires and 80% less than a 10-year-old stove.

By choosing an Ecodesign and clearSkies approved stove, you can be sure that you’re choosing a home heating solution that’s better for the environment.


What is the clearSkies scheme?

The clearSkies mark

Read our article about what the clearSkies scheme is and how it can help you to find your new high efficiency low-emission stove.

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clearSkies Approved Stoves

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Posted by Megan Collyer
25th January, 2021.

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