5 Reasons to Buy A Stove in Summer

Many people tend to buy a wood burning stove during the start of the winter months. At the very least, they’ll often think about how much they’d love a roaring fire blazing away in the living room hearth, while it’s cold and miserable and raining outside! People are much less likely to be looking for a stove when there are blue skies and soaring temperatures.

 However, the best time to actually start planning for your wood burning stove is throughout spring and summer. There are a number of reasons for this but, primarily, the research, purchase and installation process can take a lot longer than most people anticipate.

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 To answer some of your frequently asked questions, we’ve put together our five top reasons to buy a stove in the summer:

  1. Decision Time: You will need to have a careful think about which is the right stove for you. Considerations should include the stove’s eco-credentials, the look and style, the size and position, the chimney, the fuel you’ll want to burn and the care and maintenance needed going forwards. It’s a lot to think about, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time!
  2. Off-Peak Season: Other retailers tend to be busy during the start of the heating season, so site survey appointments may not be readily available during the busy winter season. In addition, more popular stoves tend to become out of stock due to high demand. Luckily, Arada holds large stocks and offers next day delivery – being out of stock is not the Arada way! So although you might prefer to plan in advance, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can order your dream stove at your convenience, with no need to compromise on timings, stove choice or colour.
  3. Installation Process: Your new stove must be correctly and safely installed. There are a limited number of qualified fitters in the UK and they are busiest during the autumn and winter. Check this link for a list of approved installers: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/competent-person-scheme-current-schemes-and-how-schemes-are-authorised#current-schemes
  4. Chimney Sweep: If you have an existing chimney, it will need to be swept. It is much easier to arrange for chimney sweeping in the summer, during the fairer weather months. In addition, similarly to good installers, good chimney sweeps will quickly become booked up – so it’s best to get them whilst they still have plenty of availability!
  5. Time to Arrange Remedial Building Work: If your chimney sweep or installation survey finds an issue with your chimney, then you’ll have plenty of time to undertake any remedial work before the colder weather kicks in.

If the worst happens, you won’t freeze! It’s advised that you wait until your new wood burning stove has arrived and been checked before disconnecting an old appliance. However, customers are often tempted to have their old stove disconnected in preparation for their new one. If this happens during winter and you run into any problems, you may find yourself without heating. At Arada, we aim to get any issues resolved as fast as possible, but it’s worth being aware of!

In conclusion, we’d always recommend you start planning your new wood burning stove in the spring or summer for a wide range of reasons. You’ll have more time, potentially a greater range of products to choose from, with a wider range of fitting dates, and this can be based around your own requirements and timings. To see the full range of Arada stoves and start your planning process this summer, click here.

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7th June, 2019.

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