The Benefits of An Inset Wood Burning Stove In Your Home

When looking for a wood-burning stove for your home, there are lots of options to consider. You may have heard of inset wood-burning stoves, and wondered what they are – our blog post is here to give you an overview of the benefits of inserting an inset stove in your home.

Why Choose An Inset Wood Burning stove?

Ecoburn Plus 7 Inset

Inset wood-burning stoves are built in units that can be fitted into your chimneybreast or wall, leaving only the front of the stove exposed for dramatic effect. Inset stoves come in a wide range of designs, and are available in both modern and traditional styles.

For many, an inset stove can be a minimalist, space efficient and eye catching home interior feature while, for others, it acts as a neat replacement for a traditional open fireplace.

It also creates a gorgeous ‘window of flame’ in your wall - with a large viewing window, the flickering flames offer all the warmth and character of a traditional wood-burning stove, which can be enjoyed even in the smallest of rooms.

Ideal for new builds or extensions, inset stoves are a great space saver. If your room is not very big, or you don’t want a big hearth and stove, then an inset stove is the ideal option.

Many people wrongly assume that inset stoves generate less heat, and may be less efficient than a conventional freestanding version. However, in reality, a key benefit of an inset wood-burning stove is that it is much more efficient than open fires, with efficiencies in excess of 80%, while still providing a stunning additional feature to your living space.

In summary, an inset wood-burning stove might be the answer if you’ve got a more compact space or are seeking to achieve a more minimalist design scheme.

Ecoburn Plus Inset stoves

Our inset version of the ever-popular Ecoburn Plus stove has been designed to provide a convenient solution for converting an open fire into a high-performance fireplace. Complete with the same large viewing glass and clean lines, our Ecoburn Plus Inset is the perfect modern heating option.

Ecoboiler HE Inset boiler stoves

Our inset version of the Ecoboiler HE (high efficiency) range provides high efficiency whilst fitting perfectly into a standard British fireplace opening. Featuring a large curved viewing glass, simple controls and the ultimate in state-of-the-art boiler stove technology, our inset Ecoboiler will transform any fireplace with its sophisticated style.

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Posted by Rebecca Daniels
3rd October, 2019.

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