Wood Burning Stove Outhouse Install - Humphrey & Grace Collaboration

With the recent rise in people choosing to work from home, and the increasing flexibility that employers are showing to their employees in flexible working and working remotely, more and more people are having to find a workspace within their home that is conducive to productivity.

Humphrey and Grace's Hamlet Solution 5 Smoke Control (S3) stove lit in studio outbuilding

One of the biggest reported problems when working from home, and keeping productive, is heating the workspace throughout winter.

We recently collaborated with lifestyle and photography blogger, Humphrey & Grace, for our compact Hamlet Solution 5 Smoke Control stove.

Julia Smith, who owns Humphrey & Grace, caught our eye with her stunning photos and gorgeous home that we felt fully aligned with the Arada brand. When we saw that she was building a new dedicated workspace in her studio, based in an outbuilding in her garden, we knew that an Arada stove would be the perfect, final finishing touch.

Julia had already installed a flue plate on the roof of the outbuilding (a flexible, heatproof rubber sleeve through which an insulated flue can pushed, rather than building a chimney) and a hole on the ceiling inside, with the view that she would be installing the wood-burner before the winter – giving her plenty of time to organise the installation process.

Julia chose a hearth ready for the stove to sit on, which she built over summer using encaustic tiles on a cement board.

After discussing her options through with the Arada team, Julia chose the Hamlet 5 Smoke Control stove – its simple design suited her minimalist interior style and she liked the option to have a heat shield attached to the rear, as this reduces the distance it can sit from combustible materials.

This was an important factor in helping Julia to select her stove, as the studio is a timber frame outbuilding and the walls are therefore combustible. Choosing the Hamlet stove meant that the stove could sit closer to the walls without danger, and not create an obstacle.

The Solution 5 Smoke Control stove stove burns wood or smokeless fuel and includes a pre-heated airwash system for clean glass. With a secondary burn system for higher efficiency, the stove also incorporates non-smoker paint and has a top flue fitting.

This stove, as with most Arada stoves, is Ecodesign Ready – a stove is one that has been designed to perform more cleanly. These stoves have been independently tested to demonstrate that they meet emissions and efficiency criteria for Ecodesign, ahead of 2022 when all stoves will need to meet EU emission standards.

Julia says: “There is nothing quite like sitting near a fire, cup of tea in hand, warming your toes. We may have only had this stove for a week or two, but I can already tell you it’s going to make a huge difference to how I use the studio over the colder months.”

For more information about our full range of stoves, and how to install a stove in an outbuilding, visit: https://www.aradastoves.com/

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10th May, 2019.

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